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Is A Coverletter Right for You?

Is A Coverletter Right for You?

Shenia Ivey, Ivey Concepts & Solutions LLC ( | © 2017

When We Are Applying for Jobs the Question is Coverletter or No Coverletter?

The internet has allowed us to apply to many jobs and get responses much quicker than years ago.  Some employers request a coverletter and when one is requested, yes you absolutely need to spend some time to research the following areas and write the coverletter in a manner in which it is personal to not only the position, but also to describing you and your fit into the organization.

Coverletter Do’s

  • Address the coverletter to the hiring manager
  • If you choose you may opt out of attaching a coverletter, unless mandated
  • Personalize how you will make a difference in the organization if hired
  • Adjust the coverletter according to the job description
  • Close the coverletter by giving a date and time to loop back to the hiring manager
  • Use the same formatting on your coverletters as your resume’

Coverletter Don’ts 

  • Address the coverletter “Dear Hiring Manager”
    • The internet is an excellent resource to identify the hiring manager by name
    • Use social media applications, such as to determine an internal company connection
  • Allow the coverletter to be a complete regurgitation of your resume
  • Treat the coverletter with disrespect when you do attach it, it does have power when done right.
  • Use multiple fonts in a coverletter
  • Leave off the organization’s address (do your due diligence)
    • Once again use the internet to research the company
    • Many times larger organizations have multiple office spaces

There are those who believe in coverletters and if this is you then you need to utilize it for all for the bang and if you do not believe they hold all of the power that they could possibly do to catapult you into the position of your dreams then do not send one unless it its mandatory.    Those that are successful with coverletters are those that truly believe in the power of the coverletter.

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