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Recruiting and retaining the premiere talent to successfully grow your business can feel overwhelming. The ACLIVITY recruiting and placement process helps you streamline your search for a great candidate or consultant, taking the guesswork out of hiring. We prescreen the best available candidates and consultants, ensuring that you are getting the right resource for your business needs, right when you need it.

You can trust our Accounting, Finance, IT and Business Operations specialists to recruit the best candidates in the business. We guarantee the results you need while saving you the time, energy and expense of posting job descriptions, reviewing resumes, setting up and performing interviews, and wondering if your hire will truly fit the bill. We are happy to manage as much of the screening and hiring process as you desire–from simply connecting you with available talent to guiding placement from concept to completion.

Contact us today and we’ll:

  • Discuss and help to clarify your needs and goals
  • Review position requirements to identify the candidate or consultant expertise you need
  • Get to know your company culture and the type of employee that fits best within it
  • Screen potential candidates based on your specific culture, requirements and other needs
  • Present excellent, qualified candidates for your review
  • Perform interviews or set up interviews for you
  • Follow up; ensuring we’ve provided you with the perfect resource for your needs
  • Be there for you in the future to connect you with additional candidates or consultants

We specialize in having the right people with the right skills, right when you need them! Contact us today!

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