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It Is Intern Time, How will Hiring An Intern Help Your Organization?

Have you considered the benefits of hiring an Intern?  Real-world experience for a student is invaluable to their future—and incredibly beneficial to your company!  An internship can be part-time or full-time, long- or short-term, and at any time during the year.  Many employers think that internships are primarily beneficial to students. However, the benefits to your company are equally important:

  • Interns bring in new perspectives on organizational issues: Interns are not stuck in the “This is the way we’ve always done it” mentality. They can bring fresh, new ideas to your company. Interns are good at questioning processes and can often see a different way of doing things that an existing manager might not.
  • Young professionals are familiar with new technology: Social media, computer programs, smartphones, and iPads; new technology is a piece of cake for young professionals. Even if you are a young entrepreneur, you can always use a hand from a fellow Gen Y tech-savvy professional who is up to date on the newest tech trends.
  • An Internship allows a trial period that could lead to something more: Your company gets the opportunity to screen and work with potential entry-level employees prior to making a full-time commitment. Moreover, if the Intern becomes part of your team they have already screened your company and received on-the-job training, reducing your training outlay and risk of turnover.
  • Interns can help you meet important project or task deadlines: There are always projects or tasks that you need help with or are struggling to complete. Utilizing an Intern offers you an eager helper to meet your most pressing deadlines.
  • Interns are productive, courteous and trying to make an impression: Your company can capitalize on the convenience and flexibility of hiring additional staff during peak seasons, without the issues that often come along with short-term hiring.
  • Your company can gain brand advocates and free advertising: The best marketing tool is social media. You can expand your company’s online presence in an organic way as the Intern posts online about their favorable experience with your company.
  • Hiring an Intern can develop your existing team: Junior-level managers within your organization can gain supervisory experience by working with Interns. By screening Interns, your company can grow its pool of qualified candidates for future recruiting needs. Check collectiveray.

Hiring an Intern is a great opportunity for your team, and for the future graduate! Aclivity has teamed up Colorado Universities to identify and recruit developing talent in the Accounting and Finance fields. We would be happy to leverage our connections to help you find the right Intern!

When to Call a Professional Resume Writer

When to Call a Professional Resume Writer

Roberta Gamza, Career Ink ( | © 2016

It’s time to call in a professional when:

  • You don’t have the knowledge, desire, or time to write your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • You’re frustrated and confused by all conflicting advice you’ve received and found on your own.
  • You’ve spent hours upon hours on your resume or LinkedIn profile and you are still not happy.
  • Your resume hasn’t produced any responses or interviews.
  • You have employment gaps or an eclectic career history.

Do you have the knowledge, desire, and time to write your resume or LinkedIn profile?

So, what does it take to create a professional quality resume or LinkedIn profile?

Knowledge: Resume and LinkedIn profile writing is much more than sitting down to write your career history. It is presenting your career history in a powerful, concise, and compelling way that captivates employers by predicting future performance.

Both the resume and LinkedIn profile require a strategy to position you as the most qualified candidate. The content must be meaningful and relevant to the position and use the language of the job you seek. This kind of writing uses a combination of technical writing, marketing, and sales skills. And simultaneously you need to optimize the resume for applicant tracking systems with keywords, language, and formatting that ensure your resume is not rejected by a computer and your LinkedIn profile is found by recruiters and hiring managers.

Desire: Do you really want to write your resume and LinkedIn profile? Are you excited about it and really looking forward to doing it this weekend? Or, is it that you just can’t put it off any longer and now it’s become a chore like cleaning out the garage? You set aside 4 hours on Saturday morning and come what may, you are getting it done! If that’s the case, you lost sight of the goal. The goal isn’t to get a resume written, the goal is to land that new position. The resume and LinkedIn profile are tools to help you win the job.

Time: Are you a writer? Does it excite you to find the perfect word to convey the exact meaning? Do you frequently look for alternative words in a dictionary or thesaurus? It takes much more time to write tight, concise, and targeted content than longer content. As the saying goes, if I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. Are you willing to put in hours needed to tighten and perfect the content?

How about Microsoft Word? Are you an expert or merely proficient in Word? Can you format a visually appealing document? Do you know how to support your message with formatting? Do you know when and how to use emphasis, tables, and graphics? That’s where technical writing skills come into play. Are you aware of good resume writing practices?

Impact on your livelihood, potential income, and job satisfaction!

It takes specialized knowledge, precise skills, a deliberate strategy, and commitment to excellence to create a powerful and compelling resume. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your calling card and brochure. They enable your network to be your champion when opportunities arise.

These powerful documents have a direct impact on your livelihood, potential income, and job satisfaction. Do you really want to rely on well-meaning amateurs for these critical documents? Maybe, it is time to consider a professional resume and LinkedIn writer who spent years honing their knowledge and skills, developing their intrinsic writing talents, and is committed to excellence in their field.

A professionally written resume is an investment, not an expense. The most expensive resume you will ever have is the one that does not get responses.

Written By: Roberta Gamiza (


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