Previous CFO & Controller’s Roundtable Highlights

On June 22nd we had the pleasure of listening to Andy Neary, Healthcare Strategist,  author, and speaker gave us a few key insights into the healthcare trap we all face in the corporate world.

Andy is a former minor league baseball pitcher and he was not only insightful and humorous with a  timely message.


Thank you to those who attended.

Thank you, Andy, for your insight and time.

Our July Roundtable was off-site at the Denver Energy Center where we were intrigued by the future of Artificial Intelligence by Mr. Neville Teagarden.

Thank you Neville,  we learned a great deal and it was a great presentation.

In September, we were fortunate enough to listen to Mr. Jed Summerton from Data Mindset LLC speak at the Roundtable and answer questions revolving around business performance, data control, and the processes we need.


Jed,  we appreciate your experience and knowledge and thank you for giving us data on the subject matter.


The Aclivity Team


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