Coaching Legal Disclaimer

Coaching Legal Disclaimer

We can give you information about your career options that we hope is useful; but how you choose to use this information is up to you. We don’t take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices.

Moreover, while the aim of our service is to provide you with information about how to help the world, we don’t support courses of action that may be harmful to your physical or mental well being.

Our coaches are not professionally qualified career advisors. We recommend you use our advice alongside a professionally qualified advisor.

Please note that though we take reasonable precautions to keep your information private, we do not take responsibility for damages caused by data that is accidentally leaked or stolen.

Our Privacy Policy

We will not share personal information or records of our conversations with anyone without your consent.

We will also attempt to accommodate other reasonable privacy requests.

We reserve the right to, in exceptional circumstances, to pass on personal information, where there is a legal or ‘duty of care’ imperative. Even in these circumstances, we would normally seek to explain this to the individual concerned.

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