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Untitled USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C 10Gb/s 100W cable 0.5m to 2m

The cables arrived in the usual yellow postal package that most of the cheap parcels from Aliexpress come in. Let’s move on to the tests. A cable with top performance at a price a little more than an ordinary USB 2.0.
The measured length is 0.5 meters – 44 cm, 1.5 meters – 145 cm without connectors, with them – 51 and 152 cm, respectively.< /p> Finally, I was knocked out to buy that the seller had a $1/7 discount coupon. $7 is more than the cost of even the longest cable, so I took two pieces – 0.5 and 1.5 meters. 0.5 meters:
1.5 meters:
According to the maximum reading speed, it can be seen that a bundle of two 10 Gbps was correctly recognized and worked for both cables /s lines, providing a total speed of 20 Gbps.

Untitled USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C 10Gb/s 100W cable 0.5m to 2m

There are chips, that’s good. Perhaps the fact that for this connection I used a passive adapter and a USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter, and then another meter DisplayPort cable. I immediately check for the presence of the E-Mark chip. Power supply – Choetech PD6008 100W Power.
The shank is rigid, does not bend and does not protect against bending, however, this is not necessary for the cable with its own rigidity. These are very good results. There were no problems with a 0.5 m cable: The connector housings are metal, with the logo of the USB 10 Gbps standard (which is much simpler and clearer than the stupid and confusing USB 3.x Genx).
After multiple tests, by flipping the USB Type-C connectors at both ends, the resistance fluctuated around 0.06-0.07 Ω Resistance test with U2p And this one is available for purchase right now.
With both cables, the reading speed of pre-recorded data was stable. H2testw, 0.5m Checking the operation at maximum speed. Maybe by connecting directly to a monitor with a USB input, this problem will not arise. I will check with a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 20 Gb / s controller, an external enclosure for a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 20 Gb / s SSD and a Samsung NVMe SSD. So good that they arouse suspicion, but I have nothing to double-check them on, so I bring what I have. The cable is very stiff (as are all my 10 Gb/s cables), wrapped in a fashionable nylon braid. I assume that in order to save money, the manufacturer ordered one large batch of chips, and they put them in all cables.
1.5 m:
H2testw, 1.5m
Cables were wound with a Velcro tie, which is not available for all branded cables , connectors are protected by polyethylene caps. This bundle should develop a speed of 20 Gb / s. 0.5 m: I thought I had finally closed this topic for myself, but I came across one offer that caught my attention at a suspiciously low price, so I could not pass by.
But with 1.5 m, the external monitor was not recognized, no matter how much I reconnected it, turning the Type-C connector around parties. But while he arrived and I wrote a review, that lot first rose in price to the average market price, and then completely disappeared from the sale. CrystalDiskMark, 0.5 m Checking the operation at maximum power – 100 watts. True, there are often discounts on regular USB 2.0, so it’s not difficult to buy them for ~ $ 1 and even cheaper, but in any case, the price for this lot is 3-4 times less than that of famous manufacturers like Ugreen or Baseus.
USB Type-C cable with 10Gbps speed and 100W max power (20V x 5A). After successfully passing the speed tests, this was an unpleasant surprise for me.
CrystalDiskMark, 1.5 m And for all this, he asks for an amount that is not much more than the usual USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) and 60W (3A) – depending on the length, from $3.55 to $5.49. I already have several good cables of this standard and several reviews of them, incl. one review of a cheap and unnamed cable. And if for the 0.5m option I had no particular doubts about passing a long test at maximum speed, then I doubted 1.5m, because. more than once, cables came across with which the initially high speed dropped to indecently low, or even the connected device fell off completely. Inside, my cables were in ordinary unbranded zip-lock bags, the only distinguishing features was a sticker with inscriptions in Chinese and a barcode: But the one and a half meter one has a length of 0-1 meter, which is not true.
The resistance fluctuated around 0.14-0.15 Ω There is a full set of contacts in the connectors:
The cable diameter is slightly less than 5 mm 0.5m tester: The final price was $3.17 and $4.35 respectively. The seller promises the presence of an E-Mark chip and offers a choice of 4 different lengths: 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 meters. Video transfer in USB Type-C Alt Mode. 1.5 m:

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