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Solution Architect Role Complete Overview

Solution Architects are individuals who, without the shadow of a doubt, are up to the task of dealing with complex environments while delivering value. As far as technical background, Solution Architects come from a variety of fields including computer science, information technology, software engineering, and other areas related to technology. There’s no universal tool set, but there is modeling software for solution architects like .net framework 3.5 ABACUS. While these aspects are constraints in themselves, each of them has its own limitations. The solution architect must understand all these constraints, compare them, and then make a number of technological and managerial decisions to reconcile these restrictions with project goals. A solution architect is the person in charge of leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution.

  • When comparing a solution architect vs. business analyst, the solution architect manages application developers while the business analyst communicates with the application development team.
  • Solution architects lead the process—they make sure the software will work as stakeholders expect, meet their tech and non-tech requirements, won’t exceed budget, and will be released in time.
  • The principal involvement of Enterprise Architects is ensuring the company, as an entity, has streamlined application lifecycles and uses the technologies best suited for each application.
  • Support program management and business development reviews and assist in improving performance of existing projects as required.

They will bring these solutions forward through white papers, presentations, and proposal responses. The successful candidate will be able to conceptualize these solutions around key business needs and goals in full awareness of industry trends.

What Are A Solution Architect’s Skills & Qualifications?

Proactively break down silos to envision and co-create products with cross-team, cross-company communication and collaboration. Present GitLab platform strategy, concepts, and roadmap to technical leaders within channel partner organizations.

solution architect role

That elegance helps to maintain cohesion between various parts of the design and encourages simplicity. It is necessary for the lower level design and approach to match the higher-level architecture for the solution to be cohesive. Once the development leader has internalized their portion of the architecture the SA must continuously motivate and reinforce the good work that is being done. They must continue to motivate the Developer Lead to push through tough issues and create the solution. The process of forming solution architecture, and solidifying the technical vision of the solution, is the job of a solution architect. If you’re already an IT architect, hopefully, you have a better understanding of your peers that are working hard to help put the systems you help create to good use. I am assigned to an account and I help the account manager focus on what it is they’re selling.

Solution Architect Duties & Responsibilities 6

Thus, they are named according to their area of knowledge, for example, Java or Python architect. Just like data, application, or information architects, technical architects fall under the umbrella of domain architects. Our technology environment is evolving quickly while changing business requirements at a dramatic pace. In order to keep up with the digital transformation and align their business strategy with new technology solutions, companies need to rely on specific expertise. Even the most sophisticated software product is worth investing in only if it can bring real business value. A software architect is a person who ensures that you spend money on tech solutions wisely instead of taking the shot in the dark. Specifically, they are responsible for bridging the gap between a company’s business strategy and technical solutions it purchases or builds.

Solution delivery architect: 6 misconceptions around an in-demand IT job – The Enterprisers Project

Solution delivery architect: 6 misconceptions around an in-demand IT job.

Posted: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 08:00:00 GMT [source]

While the solutions presented by this personnel might eventually influence the company’s bottom line, it does not necessarily focus on that. It’s like fixing a particular bug in a program and have it run regardless of whether it is good or bad. Rather, it is a role that is meant to influence some of the projects that will eventually make the company a lot of money. Naturally, quite a bit of trust is placed on the person who will be fulfilling this role since he/she will be affecting the direction that the company will be taking going forward. They will have a considerable level of power to affect not only the employees but also the board of directors, the executives, and of course, the stakeholders. It’s the creation of a framework that will solve problems and plot a course toward success after taking the issues into consideration. It’s a specialized job that involves quite a bit of analysis, internal and external investigations, surveys, studies, and so much more.

Solutions Architect

Serve as the customer advocate to other GitLab teams, including Product Development, Sales, and Marketing. In partnership with the sales team, formulate and execute a sales strategy to exceed revenue targets through the adoption of GitLab.

The candidate is also required to have over 5 years of experience in leadership, managerial, or high-level advisory roles. Once these conditions are fulfilled, the hopeful will have to register with PeopleCert , fill out the application, and present their CV. Next, the proposal for a business improvement has to be submitted together with the work package that shows the candidate’s practical skills in applying the ITIL principles in real-world business cases. After that, the applicants will have to successfully pass an interview with an assessment panel where they will be questioned on their experience. If you have already realized the importance of solution architecture in your projects, the next step is to source and hire the person for the role. We’ve considered the core skills that a good solution architect must possess.

Senior Manager, Solutions Architects

With over two decades of experience in deploying tech solutions that have led to phenomenal success and high-value digital transformation for our clients, Radixweb stands a class apart. We at Radixweb, sport hyper-effective teams, replete with solution architects, ready to be deployed to your project. With vetted expertise in custom software development and software architecture consulting, Radixweb is your partner of choice if you are looking for a team comprising of the top 1% of tech talent. In combination with our expert teams, our solution architects leverage transformational tech resources for you to achieve your business goals. If you want to bring real business value into the future project, you need s software architect who is responsible for bridging the gap between a company’s business strategy and technical solutions. Also, a solution architect is often called the middleman between different stakeholders and programmers. First of all, this person explains business requirements to a coding team to develop a product that solves real business problems.

Their job is to meet with clients or business management to determine current concerns for the company and identify how the implementation of computer systems can help solve problems. They may also be responsible for identifying future business needs and preemptively planning for system integrations or changes. A solutions architect must be capable of analyzing and identifying potential short and long-term risks that may cause technical issues and impede business operations in the future. Although a solutions architect is not directly involved in project development, they still need to ensure that project resources are being used efficiently and impactfully. As the job title implies, a solutions architect primarily focuses on solution-level decisions and evaluation of their impact on a client’s overarching business objectives and their outcomes.

Solutions Architect Job Faqs

Translate 3rd party integrations into reference architectures and effectively communicates the design and it’s value to customer and GitLab team members. Architect innovative solutions leveraging 3rd party and GitLab technologies that lead to new use cases and revenue opportunities. The software solution architect roles and responsibilities development tools were supposed to reduce the effort of the SAs and therefore reduce their need for the role, however, that increase in efficiency has been far outstripped by new demand. It’s not like winning the lottery where one day your name is drawn out of the proverbial hat.

solution architect role

In our rapidly evolving world driven by new realms, organizations feel the need to change their operating methods and techniques to face the emerging business challenges and fluctuating customer demand. As architects know the field, they’re aware of these constraints and ways to deal with them. And the faster you deal with them, the faster and cheaper the product will be delivered. Everything you need for quick time-to-value and long-term success through EA. Uncover the value of a successful EA practice, and how that translates to your organization.

They fixate on the long-term, strategic vision of the organization and work with to ensure that vision is adaptable. Solutions architects are particularly useful in the telecom and IT sectors for overseeing complex systems. They make technical decisions and then instruct teams on how to implement solutions for the desired business outcome. It’s worth pointing that a solution architect is not the same as an enterprise architect or a technical architect. Those three sound the same, so they are often mistaken for each other and are even used interchangeably in discussions.

solution architect role

Companies benefit from employing a Solution Architect as projects become more complex and challenging. Solution Architects are often considered consultants who examine a system’s architecture, as well as business and technical aspects to suggest a solution. Thus, it’s important that Solution Architects hold a degree, certifications or provable experience in the IT field.

Technical Architect Vs Solution Architect Vs Enterprise Architect

Given the strategic position that solution architects occupy, the role they assume must be tailored to a specific need and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Solution architects come from a wide range of fields, including engineering, computer science, and other areas related to technology.

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