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Review of Fineblue FD600 – bluetooth headset for music and calls

For details, please under the cat The Fineblue FD600 wireless headset is interesting primarily for its ergonomics and convenience. In this case, the smartphone itself can be put on silent mode. For a couple of weeks of use, I completely changed my opinion about her, frankly, some moments upset me, but at the same time, she was able to surprise with unexpected possibilities. You will definitely not miss a call, because the vibration is felt very well by the neck. At the same time, the use of only one earphone makes it possible to freely hear the environment with the second ear. Actually, I consider the appearance, or rather the way of wearing, to be very successful. But we immediately see an obvious drawback – the wires leading from the headboard to the headphones are somehow flimsy. Specifications are on the reverse side. The buttons are large enough and conveniently located. And as practice has shown, at a low volume it is quite real. The declared capacity of the built-in battery is 170 mAh. A separate button for accepting / rejecting calls and a little further, buttons for controlling the volume / switching tracks. You can not speak loudly, the sensitivity is high. The magnets are weak, but sufficient to hold the headphones. From a full charge, we are promised up to 16 hours of music playback. If the headphones are not currently in use, they can be magnetized to the headband so that they do not dangle when walking and moving. The equipment is minimal – a headset, a small micro usb cable for recharging and instructions in Chinese and English. Initially, I considered it as a headset for everyday use and sports, but it showed itself in a different way. Of course, you can use both, but for conversations it is more convenient for me with one. There is an LED showing the operation of the device – everything is standard: blue flashing indicates operation, red indicates a low battery charge. When walking, running – any activity, the headset does not restrict movement in any way. Another plus in the direction of the headset for conversations is the vibration motor.

Review of Fineblue FD600 – bluetooth headset for music and calls

The microphone is built into the base and perfectly transmits the voice. The main part, where the buttons, the battery, the microphone and the control board are located, is worn around the neck. And the headphones themselves are already inserted into the ears in a standard way. The soft headband is almost not felt. The interlocutor hears you very well, no extraneous noise. In addition, it is convenient that you can use only one earphone, for example, for a conversation, while the second one will not interfere. Most likely they will die precisely because of wear and tear, but time will tell how long they will last. There is a note about built-in magnets. The headset is delivered in a blister pack, the main features are shown in the form of pictograms on the front. You can also control the charging process by the LED. It works with devices that support the Bluetooth 4.0\4.1 protocol. As time has shown, these headphones are ideal for communication. The instructions have some useful information, such as how to connect the headset to two devices at the same time.

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