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Mini thermos or thermo mug DY-PC004 430ml with temperature sensor.

But in order for the readings to be closer to reality, it is necessary to turn the thermos over for a few seconds so that the sensor probe touches this very liquid. Each has one o-ring. Through the essence, the liquid inside has practically cooled down to the ambient temperature. Now to the tests. But let’s not forget that we still have a thermal mug. Nothing stinks, no extraneous chemical smell of plastic. Capacity: 430ml For the initial
temperature is taken as 100 degrees. After another 4 hours (that is, 6 hours have passed since the beginning of the test), the next temperature measurement is 61.8 gr. But in reality, in order not to get burned, you still need to wait a couple of seconds after opening the lid. The results are typical for a thermal mug. Thanks to this, the thermos stands steadily on a horizontal surface.

Mini thermos or thermo mug DY-PC004 430ml with temperature sensor.

In the instructions, the model is called a personal thermal mug. At the seller on the page with the product, this is clearly presented. From the table we see that after 2 hours, the temperature goes from 100 degrees to 85, after 6 hours to 75, etc.
Not immediately, but still noticed that the plastic inserts can be unscrewed, and both separately. Outwardly, it looks like a cheap copy of those that come with Samsung phones. With the advent of winter and, accordingly, cold weather, working in an unheated garage has become not entirely comfortable.
Specification: So, in those that are 500 ml, with a wide neck, not a battery is installed inside, but an ordinary CR2032 battery. After standing for this time, he measured again – 79.8 degrees.
Now about what is hidden under the cover.
It took two weeks from the date of dispatch to receipt. She incidentally was in district 23-24 gr. When fully discharged, Lo is displayed (from the English Low – low). Pack weight: 300g Sometimes it starts to glow on its own, just being at rest. And in this form, as it is now, the readings can be easily seen even in bright daylight. There is no additional cork inside. Graphically, an exemplary structure looks like this: Size: 230 x 65 x 65mm This time the delivery was indicated by the CSE courier service, but due to the lack of people, I had to go to the pick-up point and pick it up myself. Thanks to the manufacturer for not putting red, otherwise the readability would have dropped dramatically during the day. Just above the indicator, we see, covered with a rubber plug, an input for recharging the battery. In the kit, by the way, there is also a simple and cheap microUSB cable and instructions in Chinese and English. The dimensions are as follows: in length – 23.5 cm, in diameter – 6.5 cm. The LED indicator is very bright, as is the LED next to it, and when driving in transport, they themselves can be activated, attracting the attention of strangers)). On the lid it has a sensor that displays the current temperature inside the vessel. I noticed this when pouring hot water inside. In theory, this design should prevent contact with the hot walls of the metal bulb. -Despite something inside there is a plastic insert for drinking directly from a thermos, contact with hot metal is inevitable. To activate the indication, it is enough to grab the metal part of the lid or shake the thermos itself. For example, at a temperature of 75 to 100 degrees, the diode lights up red, at 50-70 degrees – yellow, and from 25 to 50 degrees – green. By the way, you can see that the digital indicator is red there, and there is no port for charging the battery at all. The temperature for thermocup keeps normally. After looking at a little more information about this thermal mug, I learned that there are several different colors and combinations.
In addition to the digital indicator, the temperature level is also indicated by a separate LED, also located on the top of the flask.
Well made, the case is durable, withstood several drops on the wooden floor in the garage. First poured some hot water to warm the vessel inside. Well, in conclusion, let me summarize. It is placed half a centimeter from the body in the form of a metal probe. Close the lid tightly and leave for 2 hours. The neck is narrow, about 4.5 cm in diameter. There is a slight inconvenience, but do not fill the same water to the brim. The packaging is an ordinary white box, without any inscriptions talking about the internal contents. It is necessary if tea or other herbal tincture will be brewed in our thermocup. It is clear that in real conditions no one will pour boiling water into a thermos. The green indicator is better readable (it costs more), inside the battery instead of a battery. Material: 304 stainless steel Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Not in the best condition, I was afraid that the thermos itself would be damaged. Enough charge, I’ll tell you for a long time, almost a month. It is not removable and does not have a cavity for storing tea bags, coffee bags, etc. It cannot be said that they are bad or that, on the contrary, they are outstanding. Small, with a silicone carrying handle. You can’t force it to turn off. The internal battery is charged in almost 3 hours, it includes about 300mAh. /> It turns out that this manufacturer has a whole line of models with different capacities. On the product page, you can find a table with heat / cold retention graphs for the liquid poured inside. I honestly do not know what kind of principle of work is implemented here. I chose not overall, with a small capacity. From the preview, I think everyone has already noticed how it differs from the rest.
The silicone handle is attached to the plastic ring, closer to the neck of the thermos. her in
You can easily remove it if you don’t need it. The advantage is that you can always find out the temperature of the liquid without opening the lid. I’ll note what I liked and what I didn’t: It has three colors and depending on the current temperature range it can flash green, yellow or red.
But the main feature of the thermos is a digital screen showing the internal temperature of the vessel. He stopped, as it seemed, on the prettiest, black with blue accents. For a month of using this product, I found for myself a minus in the implementation of this chip with the temperature output. -I didn’t like that you can’t forcibly turn off the temperature sensor.
If you unfold the cover, then we have a view of how the temperature sensor itself works. Contact of the lower lip with the metal walls of the vessel is inevitable. While charging, the message is displayed
Ch (from eng. The temperature sensor will show the temperature of the liquid, without unscrewing the cap. The results are the most common. In this case, I decided to get a small thermos. It can be activated with any shake. My version, despite the smaller volume, looks more interesting. The model is designed as a cross between an ordinary mini-thermos and a thermal mug, there are signs of both.
The outer casing is made of painted metal with small plastic inserts. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Weight: 270g There is still no electricity, so I can’t use the kettle either. Name: Vacuum Thermos Cup
There is also a metal strainer hidden inside the neck. Minus 33.7 gr since the start. Full – full). Minus 15.7 degrees. Well, it became interesting how it would work in reality, and besides, the capacity turned out to be just what I needed, i.e. small – 430ml. Color: white, black, pink
White cable, 1 meter long.
Rubbed midsole.
But taking it out, I saw that everything was intact, without visible dents.
Live hero of the review looks much better than in the photographs. It is also written about it in the instructions, which, apparently, are universal. I was not able to disassemble the lid, perhaps this is not possible at all. I drained it and poured the already newly boiled water again, measured its temperature – it gave out 95.5 degrees. Empty weight – 330.3g. This is a separate plus. Inside there is a plastic lining with rounded edges. It is placed inside the cover and is presented in the form of a two-digit, seven-segment indicator with a green backlight. There is a comfortable silicone carrying handle. And this beautiful specimen with an unusual feature caught my eye.
To measure the temperature, I used a folk thermometer TP101 with a probe (for meat). You can see the weld: Charge – charging), after the end of the process it changes to Fu (from eng.
The vessel inside is 430 ml and, according to the manufacturer, is made of stainless steel grade 304 (food grade steel). The design is cute, the color is not just black, but with iridescent sparkles. Colors are as chosen — black with blue accents. Actually for this reason, the lid cannot be used as a travel mug where our drink could be poured. Price with coupon BWBCP is $16.52.
The lower part of the case is covered with a plastic rim.
The thread on the outside: Pack size: 250 x 80 x 80mm In it, you can also see the diagram of the device in the context and everything else.
Well, since we touched on the topic of the sensor, I’ll tell you about how it works.

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