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Esp8266 07 and 12 make a wifi button

We launch esplorer, set our com port, leave the speed on the firmware I specified is 9600, press “open” to connect to the port, connection attempts will go, but it will not connect, so that it connects gently break and connect the EN and VCC pins back. print("Config done, IP is"..wifi.ap.getip()) There is a lot of information about these modules on the Internet, but when it was necessary to perform a specific task, I Googled 4 lines of tabs in firefox, so I decided to describe at least one application completely (well, almost). – on the esp board, we connect gpio0 to ground (gnd) on the twist, because this connection is only needed for firmware, if there are no plans to sew the toggle switch many times, there is nothing to do. What you need for the firmware and how to connect: Now ESPlorer swears that it did not find init.lua – this is roughly autorun, a script that is executed when mikruha starts. wifi.ap.setip() gpio.write (2, gpio.LOW) From the originally connected uart, we disconnect only the 3k3 power from the esp, leave the ground connected. Connect the power and ground from the power supply (yes, all the ground to one gnd pin otherwise tx-rx will not work) cfg.pwd="password" dofile("main.lua") cfg=<> I flashed this nodemcu_integer_0.9.6-dev_20150704.bin, downloaded it here: Using them, I decided to implement control from a smartphone. print("The module MAC address is: "… wifi. ap.getmac()) print("ESP8266 mode is: "… wifi.getmode()) init.lua content (autorun): But on the control board in the garage, there are pins for connecting an external wired button. We are waiting for the end of the firmware. We connect the board to the uart as described in the article "How to quickly connect the ESP8266" In access point mode, i.e. set the network name and password in the script, connect to it from smart and control the outputs through the application. To start working with the module, you need a uart converter, I have such a, I also bought it for the adruine. We press "Flash", the first time the flashing may not start, we press stop, we distort the uart from usb and flash again. In case of connection, no “ready” as described here
ESPlorer connected to esp). To upload the sketch, install java and download Client mode, if you already have your wifi network from the router at the esp installation site, then it’s easier to connect the module to it and manage it through the router connection.
So, not so long ago I had a doorhan lifting garage door, and 2 key fobs for them, but sometimes 2 are not enough, and one of these two is sometimes buggy despite a new battery. After looking at the review of the respectedsav13, 2 esp8266 esp-07 and esp-12 boards were purchased.

Esp8266 07 and 12 make a wifi button

Let’s start from the beginning. I used a toggle switch, tried it with my hands a couple of times – while you are twisting garbage into the terminal, and in the end it didn’t work, so I screwed the button with a fixation and clicked it. cfg.ssid="ssid" I post my 2 options for esp settings: I am not a professional, so I write some things as I understand, somewhere I can make a mistake). wifi.ap.config (cfg) Now the main thing, while I’ll just write, below I’ll explain what-where (the sketches are half-watched, half are written intuitively, but they work for me): 2. We connect uart to usb, the power supply to the socket. I had to solder LM1117 (3.3 volt stabilizer) from a broken monitor matrix and solder it into an old mobile phone charger with a current of 0.7 amperes. We connect all the music to usb (when connected to the esp-07, the red led will light up and blink blue, at 12 it will only blink blue, there is no red), install the uart driver (if not installed), run ESP8266Flasher.exe, look in device manager, the port number of the uart adapter, put it in the program, on the “config” tab, indicate in the top line the path to the firmware file nodemcu_integer_0.9.6-dev_20150704.bin (in my case). gpio.mode(2, gpio.OUTPUT) wifi.setmode(wifi.SOFTAP) To work with a smartphone, you need to flash esp with nodemcu firmware. main.lua content (the sketch itself): Disconnect gpio0 from the ground, we don’t need it anymore) the sketch is uploaded without it. If it does not work, then something is not connected correctly. Yes, and I did everything "on the knee"))). After the firmware, disconnect uart from usb, now it will be more fun))). The current of my uart adapter was enough for the firmware, but not enough for uploading the sketch. Option 1: 1.

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