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Children’s constructor – gestalt…

Children’s constructor – gestalt robot from construction equipment

My daughter inherited a tender love for transformers, and for robots in general, from me. And since we are responsible for those whom we “tamed”, we have to feed this love of hers in material form. So the hero of today’s review was ordered at the request of my daughter. You can call him a transformer with some stretch, but my daughter still likes him, and she plays with him with no less pleasure than her cute ponies and other dolls

I think it’s worth explaining what this robot is. Gestalts in the Transformers universe are called composite robots, which are formed as a result of the connection of several smaller robots. The most famous gestalt today is probably Devastator, who rang his balls over the head of Sam Witwicky in the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

In the animated series, the images of gestalts are not so stubborn, and their theme is much more developed.
Returning to the reviewed set – the machines included in it will not transform into robots themselves, but you can assemble a large robot from them.

A box of thick cardboard, with high-quality printing – it’s not a shame for a gift. On the front, the robot is depicted with a significant addition of the artist’s imagination. But the back of the box shows the real look of the set.

The lot also includes an option with fire fighting equipment.

Four cars are already assembled, the excavator is divided into parts for compactness. Everything is packed in individual packages.

Color-coded instructions show how to disassemble each car, as well as how to assemble the robot.

As I already wrote, the excavator comes semi-disassembled. A cardboard fuse tape sticks out of the engine compartment – this part, when assembled, turns into its head, it contains batteries that power the LEDs in the eyes and the speaker.

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