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Anti-scratch. Everyone put on tsaki and rejoice.

Do you even write scientific papers at night? Conclusions: it helped me personally. — No. The stove-maker replies: This thing is inserted into the nose and after a few minutes of getting used to it, it is either thrown away (if it didn’t work out), or it allows those in the same room to sleep peacefully. Many of us snore, and not everyone who sleeps with these people in the same room likes this snoring. – And you spread her legs when she snores and everything will be fine. The next day, the stove-maker comes to finish the stove, and the professor is all in gratitude crumbles and asks to explain the reason. This product was purchased several years ago and has shown its effectiveness in human trials. Well, the stove-maker noticed that the professor was constantly not getting enough sleep and asked: – You probably work a lot. — Well, I don’t know how it is scientifically, but according to ours, according to the furnace, you increased her cravings. Whether it will help you, I don’t know. However, this device increases traction not as in a joke, but through the nose. And it is a soft transparent silicone thing (in my case, odorless), about 15x18x7mm in size In any case, the wife claims that it is better than earplugs. Everyone put on tsaki and rejoice.

So, as we understood, one of the ways to get rid of snoring is to increase traction. There is another version of this joke, but this one is technically more correct.
In general, there are many methods to get rid of snoring In my face At the same time, of course, I cannot guarantee the effectiveness when used on other people, moreover, I cannot even guarantee that you will be able to use this megadevice without discomfort at all. Anti-snoring comes in a box with a mirror so you can see who is snoring. My wife is snoring and I can’t sleep. Can you put up with the discomfort and fall asleep with this thing in your nose? Not One stove-maker was laying a stove for the professor.


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